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December 22, 2006, 12:37 pm
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How Google Earth Killed Santa.

armadillo christmas

The truth is, there is no santa. And that lying to your kids is bad. To quote otis gibbs, how can people believe in jesus if we lie to them about santa? and if you don’t believe in jesus, then allah. or buddha. or an expanding universe originating from a big bang billions of years ago. whatever. lying isn’t good.

but santa is fun. christmas is fun. to quote jon stewart, “once your kid findsout about santa, christmas pretty much blows the doors off of hannakuh.” kids love santa. and every kid at schoolgets excited and talks about santa, and teachers assign students to write letters to santa, and…how can we deny them all that?

it’s a delimma i am pretty far away from dealing with, but something that i have been thinking about. janxy posted a really good christmas blog that got me to thinking. i must acknowledge these holidays. i am not the sort to decorate the house and go carolling or anything, but christmas is cool, and not to be ignored. especially once presents are all purchased, i really don’t hate the season. so talk about it i shall.

early in my scholastic career, i remember we got off like two weeks for the christmas break. the week before christmas right up till january third or so. two weeks. it felt like a big holiday till i got old enough to know anyone in college. when i found out they had a month, i was blown away. blown away. jealous? you bet. my two weeks seemed so paltry.

now here i am–thirty-three and taking my nice long christmas vacation. and it is nice. lying around on the sofa, watching arrested development dvds, reading peoples’ blogs (no one writes as much as they used to, it seems), eating lunch at two in the afternoon. it’s nice. but i am thirty-three. so it kind of feels…losery.

hey texas, you’re freaking me out, by the way. last week it was around eighty degrees. my shorts were packed away. this isn’t l.a., which, by the way, is apparently freezing. so pick a temperature and stick with it. it’s cold again now, and that’s how it should be in december. so stick with it a bit, wouldja?

christmas is about giving. right? or sharing? or love? is it about love? i know it’s about baby jesus to many people. but if you don’t believe in that, what is the common theme? what connects kwaanza and hannakuh, and…whatever else people celebrate. what connects all that to atheists and agnostics? what is it all about, upon which we can all agree? please no one say presents.

sometimes i don’t know which way is up. and i, like everyone else in the world, deal with my lack of knowledge/understanding, get around this problem by ignoring it. as long as i don’t know what i don’t know, i can’t feel badly about not knowing it. but as i write this, as i think about the words that seem to be appearing on the screen as if written by someone else, i wonder–

what’s it all about?

it’s about something special, i know that, to everyone (except jehovah’s witnesses. they don’t celebrate anything. what a bummer for their kids).

so i guess i can shrug off the questions, and smile, and wish everyone a special whatever they want it to be, and hope that the meaning of that whatever is firmly planted in their hearts, and grows lots of whatever-type-fruit in their lives in the future.


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